About Mental Fitness Now

Imagine being able to expertly handle difficult situations in your life because you possess some information that only top performers know. Mental Fitness Now aims to empower you with essential tools to help you do just that. I like to think of myself as a Mental Fitness Trainer because I help people strengthen the “muscles” that manage emotional control – ultimately building mental fitness.

At Mental Fitness Now, we seek to combine the reality of human behavior with the tenets of leadership to provide you with the most value for your precious time. It is our mission to train and equip you to better navigate any situation in your life by learning a few essential principles.

I consider mental fitness to be as important as physical fitness and will provide you with ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. Even in small doses, you will quickly begin to see big improvements. During each training session, you will learn essential techniques and be instructed to take deliberate steps toward developing your mental fitness. Just as with physical fitness, mastering mental fitness takes hard work, but once you begin reaping the rewards of your efforts, you will keep coming back for more.

About Jan

Hello! I’m Janette More, Jan for short. I founded Mental Fitness Now because for years I had struggled with mental fitness myself. It was affecting all aspects of my life, so I decided to do something about my situation.

Through my training to become a licensed counselor, I began accumulating the various theories and techniques that made sense to me. Once I began working with clients, I continued to research, practice and improve my methods and I have now developed a formula that works. I have tested this method myself and have experienced such a powerful change, which has truly transformed my life. I’ve used this system to help my peers, direct reports and clients to unleash the power within them. Now, I’d like to help you develop your mental fitness as well. We’re in this together and I am vested in your success.

I believe my methodical approach to self-help was inspired by my technical background. I studied chemical engineering at Rice University, and enjoyed a long career as a technical manager. I have honed my skills of quickly understanding a problem, finding the root cause, determining a course of action for resolution, and working with my team to accomplish our goals. These contributed to my systematic approach for mental fitness and I have incorporated them into my counseling and coaching business.

Janette’s qualifications and training include:

  • BS in Chemical Engineering from Rice University
  • MA in Professional Counseling from Texas State University

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Obtained National Certified Counselor (NCC) accreditation
  • Certified in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy (CT/RT)
  • President of the Sunbelt Region of the William Glasser Institute – US
  • Board Member of the William Glasser Institute – US

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